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The Top 10 oldest Nollywood actors list comprises of Veteran actors in the Nigerian film industry. Nollywood is the 3rd most popular film industry in the world only after Hollywood and bollywood.With the demise of popular names like Sam Loco Efe, Bruno Iwuoha in the nollywood industry,the list has how ever become thin.
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“Looking good is good business” that’s a popular saying around the globe. The makeup industry is a booming one because looking good is important to every woman and men too although in a lesser light. Have you ever stop to wonder, what kind of ingredients are used to manufacture makeups? well, no need! I have done the wondering for you.
Below are the top 15 weirdest ingredients used in the manufacturing of women’s cosmetics products. Prepare to get OMG!!


The liver  of a shark makes up 25% of its total weight. SQUALENE oil is a very important ingredients used in top branded face and skin cream. The sharks are caught,livers extracted and the carcass mostly thrown overboard. the price of a ton of squalene oil can go as high as $18,000.


 This would probably come as a surprise but do you know that the foreskin of circumcised infants are actually an integral part of some face cream? Oprah Winfrey was once quoted as recommending it. Companies, the most notable being SkinMedica, use foreskin fibroblasts in cosmetic creams and collagens, especially those made to reduce wrinkles. It is said that one piece of foreskin from a baby boy can be used to create about 4 acres of new skin.


TALLOW is a form of processed fat from mutton of a lamb. it has extensive used in the  make up of balm and other moisturizers for dry skin.


MINK OIL is a pale yellow liquid obtained from North American mink. In cosmetics and personal care products, Mink Oil is used in the formulation of hair conditioners, hair sprays, lipsticks, skin cleansers, moisturizers, and other skin and hair products. An Emu is a large flightless bird also used in the cosmetics industry.


Pick up a bottle of an anti aging cream and take a close look at the ingredients, elastin and mucolic acid are two ingredients  that are sure to be present. this substances are derived from the slime of snails and are  known to have regenerative properties and aid in moisturizing skin. Dermatologist believe this sunstances minimize scar formation.



DIATOMACEOUS EARTH sounds exotic but is also an integral part of dynamite bombs used to stabilize nitroglycerin in bomb making.It’s actually mild and often used in products that are abrasive in nature such as toothpaste and facial scrubs. Not to worry your toothpaste wouldn’t explode in your mouth.


 Continuing the trend of weird ingredients found in women makeup, semen is the latest addition. As surprising as it seems, using semen in cosmetics didn’t just start. It’s been a long-time tradition to use sperm from cods in lotions as it provides a nice quality lotion that binds well with water. most recently, some companies and salons have begun to use nothing other than bull semen. According to a U.K. salon, bull semen provides any type of hair with a brilliant sheen that no other substance can match.



Beetles especially the cochineal species are great source of carminic acid which have a natural deep red hue. The bugs are crushed,dried and grinded and the crimson red dye extracted for use in lipstick, food and even drinks.


The facial treatment business in japan has a substance called guanine as a beauty ingredient.guanine is believed to help lighten the skin but the source is quite questionable. Guanine is derived from bird droppings.


AMBERGRIS is another name for a substance derived from the digestive system of a Sperm whale. Typically it is either expelled in whale feces or vomited out. It’s purpose is to encase any sharp or harmful objects a sperm whale might ingest to protect them from internal injury.For years, it was used in perfume making to make the scent last far longer but now only used in France because of the development of other synthentic sprays. so watchout for that exotic french perfume.



If you are a lady, you have probably at one point splashed grounded fish scales on your lips. (If you are a gentleman like myself, you have probably pressed your lips against those scales at one point or another.) Why ?, Because it looks pretty and attractive And because of physics or chemistry.
Well fish scales have  been added to lipstick, nail polish and lip gloss for a very long time because it gives it a shimmery, shiny look. 


Lanolin  also called wool wax or wool grease , is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of Sheeps. lanolin is one of the most common ingredients in lotion, shaving cream, and moisturizing products. Take a look at your favourite lotion bottle, lets know if you find lanolin as one of the ingredients.


 The bone marrow of your favourite chicken meat for the non vegans actually pass as an ingredients in numerous beauty product. It is said that chicken bone marrow is full of glucosamine, which is great to use on the skin as it promotes new healthy growth for a youthful look. Chicken bone marrow is also considered to be an anti-inflammatory. You’d more than likely find this product in moisturizers as well as face creams.


 This shouldnt need much introduction. urea  is gotten from urine! surprised? Urea is used in antiperspirants, moisturizers, mouthwashes, deodorants, and shampoos.Urea works in synergy with other ingredients, that create the molecular structure of the skin, such as Lactic Acid.

Combined, these two ingredients actively work to remove dead skin cells and substances from the horny layer, improving cellular turnover in the epidermis.This helps to dramatically improve the water binding ability of the skin.Although nowadays, companies make use of synthetic urea and not that derived from some animal.


If you thought any of the above was weird. how about the use of human placenta in cosmetics? placental extracts are increasingly been used for hair and skin treatment in recent times although the benefit of such has not been fully ascertained. A research carried out found four girls under the age of 8 developing breast and pubic hair within a shortwhile of making use of placenta extract in hair products. The FDA maintains that placenta extract may be potentially hazardous.

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Africa has loads of innovative dance steps from their ancient cultural dance which is different for each tribe and country to the more modern dance steps which cut across age and country. Nowadays each new musical dance-hall track comes along with its own unique dance move like the Suo dance or the Garala dance particular among the Nigerian people. which of the dance moves listed below can u dance effortlessly?

alt= famous dance moves africa

10. Makossa dance:

Makossa in doula language actually means dance. in the late 1990’s and  early 2000’s makossa  dance took the whole African continent like an hurricane with everyone including the young and old being able to whine their waist and hips to its rhythm.although it can be argued now that the dance ain’t so popular among the youth as newer steps have evolved.makossa dance still remains a popular favourite. wirh artist like Awilo Longomba and kofi being people’s  favourite.Here;s a video of the popular makossa dance.


If you are from West Africa or you have a friend from that  part of Africa, a simple inquiry about this dance move introduced by the Nigerian musician Olu Maintain in 2007 would leave you  surprised. Yahoozee involved moving your hands upwards while ur lower limbs remains stationary of slightly sway to the rhythm of the song. Although it recieved some criticism in some part of the world because it was affiliated to advanced fee fraud popularly called  419.


Alanta was the next dance movement in Nigeria in 2010. The emphasis rests on the hand and leg movements in producing a crazy spectacle. The Alanta dance craze was propelled to fame by Nigerian musicians like Artquake, Terry G, Timaya as well as TuFace Idibia. Need one mention that the move include the tongue movements, accompanied the raising up of legs and hands that many who later danced it found very weird initially.

7.Azonto dance:

Azonto dance  is a popular dance in Africa, originating from Ghana and made wave all over west africa and beyond from 2011. its a complicated dance  step with moves involving all part of the body particularly the upper and lower limbs depicting anything possible u cld have in mind.

Seen in popular  songs like, “Dance”–R2bees feat. Wizkid; “You Go Kill Me” –
Sarkodie feat. E.L. and “Shashe Wowo” – Stay Jay


6. Kukere/ Etighi dance :

A more recent dance step than Azonto. Kukere dance was introduced by Iyanya as a spinof of his local cultural dance in calabar, Nigeria. From where it brought a new dance wave in Nigeria and all over Africa.  Here’s a video of the actual track kukere by Iyanya. 

5.Sika Lekhekhe dance

South african act, Arthur created a lot of controversy with this video – and it was even banned on SABC 1 after complaints that it was too risqué. The dance’s popularity just went on and on, with people making their own variations of it.

4.Alingo dance : 

If  you are familiar with the twin duo musical act from Nigeria ‘P-square’ then you possibly would have heard of the Alingo dance. The Alingo dance step is an energetic dance step than azonto that took Africa by storm in 2013/2014. “Alingo” became popular due to its popular and somewhat controversial dance moves. Take a look here.


3. Sekem dance:

The Sekem dance originated in Nigeria in 2014, popularized by the  MC comedian named MC Galaxy following his hit track “sekem”. with description in the lyrics of how to do the Sekem dance. ‘one hand on your waist,one hand on your chest, start to sekem.the dance step was met with lots of appraisals . Here is the video of the Sekem track.

2.skelewu dance:

The skelewu dance was introduced by the nigerian award winning musician Davido. it all began as an instructional video of the new dance move. with successive videos uploaded to video site like youtube,each trying to overdo the other with their  skelewu moves.the instructional video is available below.


Talk about the latest dance step making the rave in town, none can be said not to know about it. the term “shoki” is a Yoruba phrase which means quickie but does it matter? shoki took the airwaves in 2014 by a musical track by lil Kesh but twas revamped and turned into an household and party hall dance move by orezi, a musical artist in Nigeria. currently the most popular dance move in Nigeria, west Africa and the whole continent Africa.

Which of this dance step is your favourite? lets know in the comments.

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